Aesthetic Dent is a team of perfectly cooperating practitioners of various specialties, allowing for simultaneous realization of complex dental procedures, including all branches of dentistry. Every patient has possibility of quick diagnostics and consultations in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and restorative dentistry. In addition to the traditional fields of dentistry, Aesthetic Dent team specialize in implant and aesthetic dentistry.

Dental practitioners working in Aesthetic Dent pay considerable attention to cosmetic dentistry, which is now the most important area of dentistry. It is based on the latest technologies in reconstructing lost dentition with minimal damage to own teeth. Most often used for this purpose are veneers and ceramic inlays giving the best aesthetic results. In more complicated cases metal-free, all-ceramic, zirconia or alumina (PROCERA, WIELAND, LAVA) crowns are used. Often, in order to reinforce the teeth, especially after the root canal treatment (endodontics), lightweight and flexible glass fibers are mounted.

Missing teeth are complemented by dental implants. This is the best and most convenient form of treatment for many patients. It protects from further dentition deterioration. Implants also give the opportunity to reproduce defects without compromising patients' to unexpected loss of artificial teeth.

Aesthetic Dent team willingly heals patients with crooked teeth, regardless of age. Orthodontic treatment is carried out using functional or fixed appliances and fully aesthetic (ceramic) or metal brackets. There is also the possibility of creating braces on the inside of teeth. They are completely invisible to the eye (Incognito brackets). In situations when problem of malocclusion is caused not only by curved teeth, but also morphological bone defects, even the most complex surgeries to restore proper facial proportions are carried out in Aesthetic Dent . This part of tretment (orthodontics and orthognatics) is performed by Dr Katarzyna Sporniak-Tutak and Dr Magdalena Miedzik. All surgeries and orthodontic preparation is carried out on site at the clinic on Niedziałkowskiego 47 in Szczecin.

Effective treatment is a priority for Aesthetic Dent team. Each of the practitioners care of the smallest details of treatment for more than ten years. The time spent on work and learning has resulted in excellent outcomes that translate into patient satisfaction and appreciation among colleagues at home and abroad.





Aesthetic Dent team led by Katarzynę Sporniak-Tutak is involved in a multicenter research program which brings together the most prestigious research centers from Switzerland, Austria, USA and Spain. Aesthetic  Dent Clinic is currently the only center in Poland, which conducts research on such a large scale in the field of short implants. The aim of the study is a long-term (5.5 years) functional assessment of short- implant in bony compromised conditions.

Thanks to changing technology of implants production to increase bone-to-implant contact, we investigate efficacy of short implants compared to standard dimensions implants. Based on the preliminary results, we expect many positive effects of the treatment. These include: reducing the need for CT scans, irradiation decrease, limitation and reduction of peri-implant advanced procedures such as bone grafting or bone reconstruction procedures. Also abridgement of treatment time and associated costs. Short implants can also be safely used in patients with systemic diseases that would hinder the process of surgery and healing.
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