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Conservative dentistry deal with methods of preserving teeth in their natural shape and color. Currently, treatment of carious lesions became completely painless, and through the use of modern materials, can be done in a very aesthetic way, restoring teeth to original state. Filling materials have a wide range of colors, which allows them to be a perfect fit, exactly the color of the patient's teeth.

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Dental caries is an infectious disease of the tooth hard tissues, which is the main cause of the formation of dental plaque (consisting of bacteria and food debris) accumulatting on the teeth surface every meal. The disease incidence is the result of many factors, such as poor diet, lack of oral hygiene or susceptibility tooth for decalcification.

Conservative dentistry is now focused around three areas:

  • prophylaxis – dealing with the prevention of caries,
  • karyology – involving the treatment of dental caries
  • endodontics – root canal treatment

By using materials and equipment of the highest quality you can be sure that the restorations in our office will be highly aesthetic and almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. We pay attention that the work done by our team, meet all functional and aesthetic principles. Our fillings restore the natural shape of the tooth. We use materials that perfectly mimic natural tooth structure, hence are unnoticeable even in unusual lighting conditions (eg, ultraviolet light). At the same time during the treatment we use every possible precaution and make every effort to keep your teeth alive. Vivid tooth is much more valuable than a root canal treated, so root canal treatment is performed as a last resort after exhausting all other methods of conservative treatment (such as biological treatment of reversible inflammation of the pulp).





Aesthetic Dent team led by Katarzynę Sporniak-Tutak is involved in a multicenter research program which brings together the most prestigious research centers from Switzerland, Austria, USA and Spain. Aesthetic  Dent Clinic is currently the only center in Poland, which conducts research on such a large scale in the field of short implants. The aim of the study is a long-term (5.5 years) functional assessment of short- implant in bony compromised conditions.

Thanks to changing technology of implants production to increase bone-to-implant contact, we investigate efficacy of short implants compared to standard dimensions implants. Based on the preliminary results, we expect many positive effects of the treatment. These include: reducing the need for CT scans, irradiation decrease, limitation and reduction of peri-implant advanced procedures such as bone grafting or bone reconstruction procedures. Also abridgement of treatment time and associated costs. Short implants can also be safely used in patients with systemic diseases that would hinder the process of surgery and healing.
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