Prosthetics is intended to complement missing teeth and / or restore missing tooth structures. It should be performed by the certified dentist in the fields of prosthodontics together with dental technician. This is important because if performed by a person without the appropriate qualifications may worsen rather than improve initial oral conditions.

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The main assumption is to restore the normal function of teeth, which are biting, chewing, speech, and a nice smile.

Restoring teeth is of great social importance, improves communication and enhances self-esteem.

Restore the continuity of the dental arch is important because it prevents from further movements, overexertion and clashes of remaining teeth.


What are the main indications for prosthetic treatment?

Teeth damaged by decay, fractured or worn pathologically abraded

  • Missing tooth or teeth
  • Missing all teeth (edentulism) -  the use of classic bridges or crowns is impossible, only dental implants or removable prosthesis can be considered


Aesthetic Dent team led by Katarzynę Sporniak-Tutak is involved in a multicenter research program which brings together the most prestigious research centers from Switzerland, Austria, USA and Spain. Aesthetic  Dent Clinic is currently the only center in Poland, which conducts research on such a large scale in the field of short implants. The aim of the study is a long-term (5.5 years) functional assessment of short- implant in bony compromised conditions.

Thanks to changing technology of implants production to increase bone-to-implant contact, we investigate efficacy of short implants compared to standard dimensions implants. Based on the preliminary results, we expect many positive effects of the treatment. These include: reducing the need for CT scans, irradiation decrease, limitation and reduction of peri-implant advanced procedures such as bone grafting or bone reconstruction procedures. Also abridgement of treatment time and associated costs. Short implants can also be safely used in patients with systemic diseases that would hinder the process of surgery and healing.
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